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Commissioned Paintings

Something Special


Have you wanted a custom painting of a beloved pet, a natural setting or a special location?  A painting can invoke deep emotions by bringing back memories of times and places that you cherished. A commissioned painting is a unique form of art that is done with care and attention that has a timeless quality.

The Details

Working from high clarity photos supplied by you - or those I take on a location of your choice, we select one or more images which will form the basis for the composition of your painting. My style is photorealism and composition is very important. My many years of experience will help you visualize the painting on your wall!

I've used all mediums...oil, acrylic, pencil, even crayon, but I favor watercolor. See my paintings below for examples of my work in these mediums.

Depending on the size and composition, plan on a month or more for the painting to be completed. A written contract will be created and then the painting begins! We'll stay in contact about this very exciting forever memory!

Sample Paintings

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