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The Art of Jeff Kemna

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Welcome to Kemnation

The art of Jeff Kemna

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." -- Albert Einstein

 I Believe I was given my Purpose in Life, a gift of Expression. A Minnesotan, I've always been artsy...and fascinated and curious about Nature & wildlife. Educated and experienced favoring pro level photography with a realistic painting style, I recently challenged myself to display my work of 40 years that includes commissioned, on-site pet photos and paintings (PhoDography), wildlife, sports figures that were published and sold at Target, state wildlife stamp contests, international landscape and underwater photo & videography and lately, street and product photos (Foodography!)

Expanding in my New studio, I am mixing science and art in 3D with glass, mirror and light projects.  Ooh, look - shiny!

Laughing and unafraid, I'm excited to produce something for you that is timeless and memorable!

Professionally, I was a corporate graphic designer for 21 years, but had several other "artsy" jobs in layout, design, branding and presentation.  I am skilled with Photoshop restoration and manipulation. I've done large scale sign painting and murals, logo design, technical and architectural drawings and more!

Check out the pages below showing my work!

Commissioned Paintings

Have you wanted a custom painting of a beloved pet, favorite vacation spot or memorable setting? A painting can invoke deep emotions by bringing back memories of times and places that you cherished. A commissioned painting is a unique form of art that is done with care and attention that has a timeless quality. To learn the details of having a commissioned painting done for you, click on the "Learn More" button.

Photographer for Hire

Do you need an experienced photographer? I have a wide range of cameras and equipment to capture the images you need and desire. From the Photographic Prints  page you can see the range and quality of my work. Throughout all my work as an artist, Composition, Detail and Striking Impact is the signature of my work. If you are interested, click on the "Learn More" button to get the process started.

Here, I am taking a picture of myself! Amazing!

Coming Soon

I am working on the following sections, but please check them out see to more samples of my work!

Art Inventory

Coming Soon!

This gallery shows some artwork I've been hired to create over 40 years. Most are unique realistic paintings with some that were published, framed and sold at Target. I kept a few originals that are now for sale in my store! I hope they inspire you as they have inspired me. Click the "See the Art Inventory" button to see the full inventory.

Photographic Prints

Coming Soon!

Over the years I have taken many high quality photos in my adventures. These photos can now bring style to your walls. The prints come in standard sizes with custom sizes available upon request, including billboard! You also have the option to have them professionally framed, ready to hang on your wall.

Digital Downloads

Coming Soon!

Do you have a story to tell? This section contains a collection of images and video clips that you can download that will aide in illustrating your ideas. Perhaps you have a desire to display some nature scenes as framed images in your home or lobby. These high quality images will fit many of your artistic endeavors.

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